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Everyone who is new in doing online payments wants to know about the security measures applied in online payment gateway. Here is a rundown of things of what a Payment Solution does to guard your information:

• The first thing you must check while doing online payment is security of website. The websites with https web address carried out you transaction safe and secure. This is not the same as the HTTP as the S in the HTTPS represents Secure. The exchange happens through this equivalent passage.

• As an aftereffect of the function hash, the framework frequently utilizes a signed request from the trader to approve the transaction request. The signed request is the secret code that is only known to receiver and sender.

• Foe secure process of online payment, the IP address is recognized or verified of the requesting server so as to detect any vulnerability.

• For more security in online transaction, Virtual Payer Authentication (VPA) is applied by payment sender, payment receiver and payment gateway. VPA includes an additional layer of security and actuated under the 3-D security protocol that helps the online purchasers and merchants to verify each other without any problem.

The main objective of payment gateway is to make a safe pathway between a client and the trader to encourage safely transaction.


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surePAY the trusted, fast, and easy online payment solution. A one of a kind solution to solve tedious payment for your business.

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